Assessment isn’t rocket science. But, like anything, it takes knowledge, skill, and practice. But this type of training can be scary. Drawing from my assessment experience and proficiency in teaching, training, and presenting I combine expertise and captivating pedagogy into an approachable, passionate, and engaging style that empowers and motivates individuals to improve their effectiveness and efficiency. Participants in my workshops realize that assessment isn’t difficult and it is actually fun! They leave inspired and excited to begin assessing as soon as they back to their campuses and offices.

I will work with you to assess the needs of your organization and staff to custom professional development to help or office, division, or institution achieve its goals.

Below are a few things that clients have said about my training.

As we started our Division of Student Affairs’ Assessment Initiative from the ground up, Gavin was instrumental in empowering and training our assessment team to lead the effort.  He came to our site and trained our departments’ managers and leaders to get to the same level of assessment knowledge. While here, he also provided private consultation to managers on their specific department’s efforts and overall championed our division’s growing assessment efforts. Giving us tools and ideas on how to embed assessment into every day practice will save time and give us the data that we need to show the impact of our services in support of the campus mission and student success, learning and engagement.
Lupe Navarro-Garcia
Associate Dean, Student Academic Support Services
University of California, Santa Barbara
Since our work with Gavin we have fostered a culture of assessment that has helped guide our Division. This has helped our Division demonstrate its impact to the student experience and obtain additional resources to support program growth.
Gregory H. Krikorian
Vice President of Student Affairs & Dean of Students
Lebanon Valley College

You can read more testimonials here.

Sample of training topics include:

  1. Equity-centered Assessment
  2. Assessment Essentials
  3. Building a Culture of Assessment
  4. Assessment for the Busy Practitioners
  5. Assessment Isn’t Rocket Science
  6. Systematizing and Integrating Assessment
  7. Coordinating Divisional Assessment
  8. Laying the Assessment Foundation
  9. Planning for Success: Planning and Assessment Design
  10. Creating Developmentally Appropriate Outcomes
  11. Building Your Assessment Toolkit: Easy Tools for Assessment
  12. Using Classroom Assessment Techniques Outside the Classroom
  13. Rubric Development
  14. Self-Studies and Program Reviews
  15. Making Your Case: Presenting Assessment Results
  16. Turning Assessment into Action!
  17. Opportunity of Accreditation
  18. Document Student Learning and Institutional Effectiveness for Accreditation
  19. Using the CAS Standards for Program Development and Assessment
  20. Using the CAS Learning Domains to Foster Student Development