Interviews and Webinars

Follow the links below to hear/see me discussing key issues in higher education and assessment.

Reframing Assessment to Center Equity: Theories, Models, and Practices (Stylus Author Webinar), June 2022

Reframing Assessment to Center Equity: Why, What, & How (Student Affairs Now), June 2022

Equity-Centered Assessment Framework (AALHE Conference), June 2022

The Impact of Sense of Belonging: Implications of a Sense of Belonging in College (Stylus Author Webinar), May 2022

The Equity-Centered Assessment Landscape Survey (Leading Improvements in Higher Education Podcast) May 2021

Student Affairs Now – Socially Just Assessment, November 30, 2020

40th Anniversary of CAS, April 17, 2019

Beyond Socially Just Assessment – Deconstructed Assessment, July 17, 2018

Beyond Culturally Responsive Assessment – Socially Just Assessment, 5/30/18

Beyond Bias – Culturally Responsive and Critical Assessment, 5/29/18

The Committee Project-Battling Depression 5/25/18

Student Affairs Assessment: HigherEdLive 5/19/16

Wellness in Student Affairs: Interview with Veronica Roman 9/28/15

Job Search, Student Affairs, and Activism: Interview with Amanda McKnight 9/23/15

Student Affairs Spectacular Podcast #75: Interview with Dustin Ramsdell 9/1/15

#SALead and ACPA: Interview with Kimberly White 9/2/15

Professional Development and Learning: Interview with Laura Pasquini 9/11/15

What Every New SAPro Should Know: Interview with Sinclair Ceasar III 9/16/15

It’s A Grad School Life: Interview with Shane Young 9/21/15

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Interview with Keith Garcia 9/22/15

Serendipity vs. Intentionality in Student Learning 5/12/15

The Completion Agenda: Opportunities for College Student Educators 4/9/15